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Week 146

Weeknote about World Design Capital, Boingboing & patents, and some #uxlx too.

by Teppo Kotirinta Principal Designer

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This Saturday we held a workshop as a part of the ideation for the forthcoming World Design Capital Helsinki 2012. The theme was “Touchscapes: Toward the next urban ecology” as coined by our friend Adam Greenfield. He also gave a talk about Taking Networks Seriously and Petri Kola from Aalto Medialab talked about open data in Finland, and also about “method Mastomäki” developed on using data for your own benefit.

A few clear main themes rose up from the discussion and concepts: Personal interaction and play in urban environment, way-showing and enabling communities through urban media. Personally I was attending some other business, but I’m told is was a very nice and rich afternoon indeed.

The ideas will be at WDC Helsinki website, and all material will be made public during the following days. The first batch of photos are out on Sami’s Flickr already.

Boing Boing’d

This is a tough one. Our intention to soften and transform an industry is going as planned, but it ain’t easy to teach an old dog new tricks. The outside reactions have been strong, and as expected most people use the topic to vent their frustrations from the last 10-15 years. A good thing is a few people seem to get the point, too. Sami’s a bit worried about the speed of progress here— due the amount of stakeholders the decision making is slow, even to the point where the original pitch will be 2 years old next month.

But in any case the ball is rolling now and we’ve done all we can. Our partners in crime, Henrik W & Kennel Helsinki, have done a stellar job here, and the result is first piece of work we’ve done that got Boing Boing’d. Looking forward to some more media attention in the following weeks, and the final get-go for the second, very different part of the story.

Other news

During the week we found out some idea we had some time ago are on their way to being patented worldwide. It always feels nice, even though we think in general patents are a bit evil.

And one more UX LX thing: Panu’s UX LX Twitter engine and talk made it to Johnnyholland.org’s UX LX wrapup. Go check it out to see what was the UX LX conference all about, and to read main points of Panu’s presentation. His ideas resonate so well with designer’s reality that perhaps everyone should learn them by heart.

That’s it for now, until next week it is.


  1. More about Open Data in Finland can be found at http://www.julkinendata.fi/ (in finnish)

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