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Windows 8 UX Design Camp

First ever Windows 8 UX Design Camp in Finland. Places going fast. Act now.

by Teppo Kotirinta Principal Designer

Categories Interaction Design

We are organising the first ever Windows 8 UX Design Camp in Finland.

This design camp is on 2nd — 3rd of April 2013. We will go through the whole Windows 8 UX design framework: navigation, contracts, layout, branding, Snap Views, Live Tiles, Touch, Animation — you name it. Coming out of it you’ll be ready to tackle an app market and ecosystem that has reached 60 Million users in just few months after its launch.

The days will consist of design presentations that are followed by labs. In the labs you will design your own application — putting the new knowledge directly into use. Remember to bring an idea for an app with you. You can work as a small team too. We’d prefer only max two people from a company. This event is mostly geared towards UI and UX designers.

NOTE: This event was overbooked in two hours (!), so we are doing a second one! The date of the second one is still to be confirmed, but we are aiming for 25th — 26th of April. That’s two design camps in April.

If you want to secure your spot in the second camp, what you need to do now, is sign up for the waiting list of the first event. You’ll end up on the waiting list for the second event in the process. You’ll be informed over email about confirmed date.

UPDATED LINK — There is now a different & new registration site for the second event at: http://aka.ms/UXCamp2. You need to sign up in there if you want to get in. Be quick.


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