Week 8/2010

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As Teppo is enjoying his holiday this week, I promised to keep the weeknotes rolling. It’s been quite exciting week. As mentioned last week, we won a major new client on Friday. This week was spent on organizing the first phase and with bit of a resource juggling to keep things smooth for all our projects. Internally, the new project will be called Oslo and we’ve got Matti as project lead, and Panu, Teppo and myself in the project team itself.

Another notable thing is that we secured ourselves a new, bigger and better office space this week. We’ll reveal the location a bit later but in any case we will have more than double the space, and in an excellent seaside location. The girls of Lillehammer are working on the space already and looks like it’s going to be quite a sweet sweet space. Finding the near-perfect space happened way sooner than we knew to expect, and this was a pleasant surprise of course. This also opens up some exciting possibilities for our current location, which we naturally let you know as soon we have a confirmation in our hands.

Other projects are rolling on nicely. Petri, Matti and myself did a quick visual exploration a for the service ecosystem we’ve been working on for a while. Along with Ilkka, Matti has been quite involved on mapping out the practicalities on Oslo. Like Teppo’s mentioned before, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our internal methods and ways of working, so this project is also a big step ahead as we intend to roll out a project team model we’ve been figuring out for a while. This is one of the valuable insights we got from the business development workshop with IDEO last November, and it will be interesting to see how it all pans out.

Despite Panu being on a holiday, the banking project we’ve been working on is progressing nicely as well. Aki has done a tremendous amount of work with Sauli on the service prototype, and Ilkka and myself did another iteration of the risk management tool with the client. That one is shaping up quite nicely as well.

And last, everyone involved in the content industry transformation project are making sure the end results are kicking ass and taking names on all fronts. We had a film- and a photoshoot this week, and are about to see the drafts of the phase one next week. Coming to Youtube near you soon as well.

For the rest of the crew it seems like business as usual. Things rolling on smoothly, a few large projects coming to closure and maybe even public, and few others about to begin. And what comes to recruiting the designer(s) we dearly need, we are finally making decisions next week. We’ll let you know— until then, good night… and good luck.

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