Weeknote 161

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Week 35 was my comeback week from summer holidays. Most of the other busy bees have been back at work for weeks already and producing design for all sorts of projects. Much of which I now know nothing about. Anyway, a special mention for summer work goes to our Sauli, who’s been making up for my absence and doing interaction design for two of my projects. Client seems very happy with him which is really nice to hear. Good work Sauli.

Company-wise, there are little administration changes which will be taking us to the next level. More about this soon. We are quite excited.


One of the most visible projects that have come out recently was the launch of Topiikki, a new curated news website. According to a Finnish article in M&M, the editor-in-chief Otto Utti says that Topiikki wants to be the “Huffington Post of Finland”. The service is following 200 news sources from Finland and abroad and picks the most important subjects to be highlighted on the website.

We at Nordkapp were happy to work with Topiikki in its early stages, mainly in helping to shape the site’s brand strategy. We also created the backbone for the visual identity system. The final visual layouts were done by designer Olli-Pekka Jauhiainen. The actual implementation was done by Otto and Rohea, a Helsinki-based IT-company. It’s nice to see this service getting a lot of press.

Something quite cool has been going on with our R&D. Tiia & Samuel presented a really well thought out insight and on-site research study to the whole studio last week, and now we’re planning on how to take it all into practice.

Sami visited Clearleft’s dConstruct conference in Brighton, UK. It’s an inspiring conference that probably half or Nordkapp have visited over the years. Sami says the conference itself was pretty kickass, even better than previous years. Marty Neumeier, David McCandless, Hannah Donovan and James Bridle all rocked. Tom Coates was phenomenal and really inspiring. We must “drag” Sami out for beers and hear what was so cool. Other highlights include the usual aftermath at Old Ship, and curiously Sami checking in at Ryan Carson’s hat on Gowalla. NOTE: all dConstruct 2010 podcast episodes are already out.

That’s it for now. Happy fall for everybody from Nordkapp. And let’s remember to enjoy those colorful trees.

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