New people: Please welcome Kate, Jukka and Akseli!

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First, from behalf of everyone at Nordkapp I’d like to welcome our newest addition Jukka Koops. As it seems to happen quite often nowadays, he’s switching industries back to design after a stint in marketing communications at Finnish advertising agency Kirnauskis 2.0. But there’s more than that— he’s a recording artist, has a history in demoscene and is one of the founding members of Finland’s premium design community Pingstate. I’ve had a honour of calling him as a friend for the better part of the decade and am really looking forward working with him. Jukka will be working on all aspects of our projects from concepting to delivery, and takes the lead whenever needed.

Then for the more overdue news; as we’ve hinted in our weeknotes, from February on we’ve had our first Irish designer in the house. Kate Whelan hails originally from Dublin, and before joining us at Nordkapp she worked in London for the city’s forthcoming Crossrail rail service on lots of exciting stuff such as wayfinding, architectural research and designing the people flow on the stations. For now, Kate’s been mostly hard at work on our Urban Screens work, both client and R&D, but she’ll be widening her perspectives due summer to other client projects too.

Last, but not least it is my utmost pleasure to welcome Akseli Anttila to our ranks. He’s joining us as from Nokia’s design studios in London, where he worked as Principal Designer. Prior that, Akseli has worked for the past 15 years on various roles and responsibilities inside Nokia, from early mobile phone interface and experience to Nokia Research Center to Nokia Design. I’ve worked with Akseli in the past, and he is one of the most brilliant and analytical interaction designers I know — not to mention’s one of Nokia’s top ranked inventors. Apart from design, he likes to dress well and enjoy a bit of electronic music. At Nordkapp Akseli works as a Design Consultant, designing business, strategy and of course, interactions for variety of our clients.

So, a warm welcome to all three wonderful additions to Nordkapp ranks. And like promised in the beginning, that’s not all. More exciting news in a week or so!!

Note: You can think of this as weeknote 191-192, too.

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