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Windows Phone 7

We released our thoughts on Windows Phone 7 User Experience, and a Windows Phone 7 Cheat Sheet to help designers and developers get on board to designing WP7 applications faster.

They received a really nice response, and were tweeted by the Windows Phone Design Team and Smashing Magazine, among other interesting entities.

RT @Nordkapp: Windows Phone 7 for Users http://t.co/gII40Ed and Designers (WP7 design Cheat Sheet) http://t.co/V7zmqpu. #resourceless than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Windows Phone 7 for Designers — Cheat Sheet – http://bit.ly/mKHk7zless than a minute ago via Sendible Favorite Retweet Reply

Glad we could help. Soon we’ll do a small revision round, checking what new the WP7 Mango release brings.

A Rare Fail

Hmm. It seems that we’ve finally actually failed a project. According to our memory this is the first time.

After several successful and signed off design phases the client eventually called the whole thing off. This was somewhat surprising and frustrating to us. But we should have seen the signs. The client had been doing and re-doing this redesign project with several agencies since 2007-2008, and yet there was still no shared vision for the product.

We analyzed, and will continue to analyze, the things we could possibly have done better. At this point it seems that a good part of the problem was within the client, though. They had three competing management views on what the product should be and what it should do. All of them briefed us different, contradicting things and overpowered each other in turns, dismissing accepted designs and product strategies by the others.

It is really difficult to work in that kind of environment. You shouldn’t drag a design agency into your internal power struggles. A successful project is always about sharing mutual interests, trust and collaborating together. In other words — success is a 50/50 deal. On hindsight, there was probably something we could have done to keep the project from failing. We should have noticed and reacted to the problems earlier, guided the situation into a mutually beneficial direction. It’s all part of the deal here. Designers need to be emphatic to to see these things and react accordingly.

But this time this happened. Lessons learned. We feel bad, but mostly because this was going to be a great product. There was so much potential for the client, and still is. Here’s to hoping that they get it done!

More on the Positive Side

Our old client from a year or two back, Netcycler, got some Techcrunch love the other day. They’ve now expanded to UK and Germany. We helped them originally with some interaction design, concept, identity and what not, and it’s great to see them finally going abroad too.

Weekend saved by @Nordkapp Reittiopas PHP API’s coordinate conversion methods (KKJ>WGS84). Learned some OO PHP in the process. Kiitti!less than a minute ago via Tweetie for Mac Favorite Retweet Reply

In other news, it seems our Reittiopas PHP API is helping people too. Now, if we could only make Google and City of Helsinki somehow work together to bring this public transport information native to all instances of Google Maps (think iOS, Android), that would be grand. You can freely ask our Aki, the maker of this API, for advice.

Mobile Apps

Lot’s of mobile app design going on recently. One iPhone app is to be completed soon, a new Android app concept has just gone through paper prototype user tests, and a WP7 app was just completed. A good variation in platforms and types of apps. What fun.

That’s it for now. Until next time.

Photo credit:: Jump #Fail by dadavidov on Flickr.

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