Weeknote 211

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Whew. What a few weeks. Last Monday, Teppo + Laura got their second baby — a beautiful girl — and everything’s been a bit crazy ever since. Warm heartfelt congrats from the whole office!

The saddest bit of news from the past few weeks is definitely the death of Steve Jobs. It’s fair to say this had a huge emotional impact on lot of people at the office. It does feel odd to be impacted by someone you never even closely met, but it’s fair to say our company would be very different without his work and the industries he basically re-invented. It is in the human nature to value people who impact and inspire us, and Steve Jobs have truly done so. So long Steve, thanks for all the fish. Your legacy will keep on insipiring us on the road ahead.

On a more positive note, other things that happened after the last weeknote: Tia + myself visited Picnic 11 in Amsterdam and enjoyed it greatly. Tia even managed to get a few interviews done for a customer study we’ve since finished. I met a bunch of brilliant people, talked and pitched Urbanflow a lot and generally enjoyed the vibe Picnic had to offer. Thank you all — a recap might follow at some stage.

Regarding Urbanflow, there are themes which seem to tap into some kind of underlying nerve on a much larger scale than we imagined. As a result, things might get real interesting soon. You’ll be the first to know.

Before popping off for a parental leave, Teppo + Fabian managed to ramp up the visual and interaction design for a tablet app they’d been working on.It’s for a large, longstanding client of ours, it’s awesome and will blow the roof of both iTunes and Android Market once it’s out. The cool thing with this project was that it was a fast, ambitious exercize on building on our client’s brand and transforming the core elements into solid digital brand style spanning across platforms. The guys say it’s about 80% there now. Making all this happen was a huge effort for the whole team but based on what I’ve seen, totally worth it. And a first Honeycomb project we’ve done, too. The software is gradually getting better, and it seems Android tablets might finally earn their wings on this one.

Meanwhile, Tia, Jukka, Sauli and myself have been working on a another large, fast paced project which has required some flying as well— both as a figure of speech and in concrete world as well. Our team is spread out in several locations but things seem to be working fine nevertheless. Somehow we’ve found ourselves in the middle of a post-corporate positivity vortex where everyone’s motivated and confident on the important piece they bring to the table. Big things. This might even be team’s chance to leave a dent to the world. Not much more to be shared for this for now— but here’s to hoping that day will come in not-that-distant future.

Matti’s been having a bit of time off enjoying his honeymoon for the past weeks. Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco. Based on his Facebook, all is well.

Bubbling under at the office: data visualisation, new business models, electronics and all kinds of interesting new things. More about that later. In the more near future, we’ll host an IxDA Helsinki event at our office this Thursday, Playful 11 in London next week and lots of other things to keep us busy. ’till the next time!

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