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Women of Nordkapp

Kate and Tia have been interviewing people for one very secret project recently. According to them they’ve had a good time sitting in cafés and talking to some very enthusiastic people. Sometimes design work rules, huh?

Kate says that Tia has made research interviews into an artform, and that she’s been learning a lot while working with Tia. Kate (who’s Irish) also says that “the Irish will talk to a wall if it seems to be listening”, and that actually being silent for a change and listening to these people has been eye-opening. I’m sure she’s exaggerating.

Kate is also involved in a copywriting/content case. Yep you guessed it, can’t say much about that either. This content is coming to a huge and visible website, but that’s about it.

Tia’s also organizing two days of research interviews and on-site observations outside of Helsinki. These are for that new big client of ours. This should help us get to grips with their users in their locations in different times of the day. This hints that the observations will continue late into the evening/night, which also means that it will again be another kind of a day at work for those who are going.

Tablets Tablets

A tediously negotiated iPad case is progressing finally. Hopefully the final budget can be agreed on soon, so that we can get started on this. I believe that this time we’ll actually get proper reference rights, and we’ll finally get to show you something tablet-y sometime during Spring. Wohoo! The project should be first of its kind in Finland.

There’s some other tablet pitches in the air currently. We’ve invented really good new business case for these clients already, even though the projects haven’t even started yet. That’s how excited we are already about these.


Jukka + Sami went to Augmented Reality camp and came back with a cool, yet early, demo of an audio based AR app. A good approach to already-boring AR field, where in general everybody always wants — and has wanted to for the last several years — to build a visual layer/icons on top of a video feed. Gosh, even we’ve designed things like that years ago. The visual AR has been in the works for so long that it’s good to see at least our guys coming up with something new already.

Teppo is going to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences to review student projects from an innovation course on Thursday. There seems to be quite a variation in projects from magazines to iPhone games and social media services. Should be interesting.

We recently got the number one spot in an app store. As usual, we can’t say which app it was. Oh well.

By the way, an engineer friend recently commented our blog in a chat: “The blog is really fun. Reading about interesting things is a great break from the chores of engineering work.” Good to hear and perhaps this is so, but please try to make your work interesting too. There’s no reason engineering work should be boring by definition. The whole world was built by engineers. Go build something exciting!

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Photo credit: Old Irish wall in Ireland

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