Hiring a Designer

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Who are we looking for?

First, you have to be a really good designer. By “good designer”, we mean things like experience in years, point of view on what you do and experience in variety of work — in media and type. As an organization we are rather flat and have very low tolerance for nonsense so you have able to articulate what and why you do what you do.

It’s a cliche, but we want the A-level people, no less — you need to be a self-starter and a finisher with a point of view on your work. A practicing craftsman or a -woman who enjoys what they do and possesses curiosity for the world and the desire to be better designer every day. You have to be comfortable with client contact and collaborative way of working, sometimes at the office, sometimes at our client’s. Depending on the project there might be a fair deal of travel, too.

We work mostly in digital— meaning on at least 80% of your time you’ll get to work on things like web services, mobile apps, touch UIs and so forth. The remaining 20% could be on more intangible things like strategy, brand etc.

Second, an ability to cope with abstract ideas and switch between the craft and strategic/conceptual thinking is greatly appreciated. Actually enjoying the various states of ambiguity of a new project and willingness to take the lead on making things real is a definite plus. Ideally you have experience on working with new product development from the early idea to delivery and everything in between.

Third, you have to understand both technology and the people you’re designing for. Being able to prototype and (to some extent) build what you design is even better. In anything from cardboard to code.

What’s in it for you?

In return we’ll offer you a good variety of ambitious projects ranging from software products to startups services and experimental technology. We work for startups, corporations and the public sector on strategy, concept design, products and services on all imaginable platforms. Our designers are aligned with the sales team to ensure we sell the things we want to work on, too.

We consider ourselves to be the best studio around the Nordics so you’ll be in a good company in terms of personal development. Our goal is to be among the best of what we do on a global scale, so there will be no one stopping you to do the best work of your career. There’s very little bureaucracy here, good tools & toys to play around, flexible hours, and only thing that counts is the results of your work.

The working language in the studio is English if required, and projects are about 50/50. International applicants welcome, let’s make things work for you.

How to apply?

If you like the sound of what you just read, send us an email at work@nordkapp.fi and let’s take it from there. Please include your current work samples, cv or a Linkedin profile and any other URLs we should know about.

Deadline for applications is Sunday January 27th. Expect an answer from us by the end of the following week from the deadline.

The small print: At this time, we are NOT looking a narrow specialist but a T-shaped person, with a strong primary skillset and experience and curiosity towards the world and other disciplines. The finer details of your job will depend on who you are and what you do. Please note at this time we are NOT looking for juniors or trainees either.. Sorry, there will be separate opportunities later.

Let’s talk


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Sami Erpo Head of Business Development, Europe +372 50 71 968


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Sami Niemelä Creative Director +358 50 528 9265