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Weeknote 215-216

Daddy's back, things of national importance and getting shortlisted in IxD Awards.

by Teppo Kotirinta Principal Designer

Categories Weeknotes

Hoy, who’s-your-daddy is back. After having a second baby in the family, I’m back from some luxurious paternity leave time that Finland has to offer. Actually, I’ve been back for some time now, but getting back to grips with weeknotes is apparently a step harder now that one’s sleep time is drastically cut, again. Nevertheless, […]

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dConstruct09 Recap Presentation at IxDA Helsinki

Here's the dConstruct09 conference recap presentation I gave in the IxDA Helsinki meeting at the Nordkapp office on 10th of September 2009. (Sorry for the delay, but we were waiting for our new website and blog to open and provide a platform for publishing this.)

Since I was hyping ubiquitous computing and internet of things stuff so much, I want to add one more point that I missed during my talk. I wanted to say that we’ve known for 10-15 years that “the internet is the future”, and we’ve known for 2-5 years that “mobile is the future” – but […]

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Two decades of mobile UX

This is a summary of a presentation I made in IxDA Helsinki meet-up on 10th September at Nordkapp.

by Panu Korhonen Managing Director

Defining the mobile phone I have been working with mobile user experience for over 16 years. During this time, the profession of designing for good user experience has changed surprisingly little. In early 1990s, the forerunners of UX (the name and acronym were invented much later) had already a very good understanding of what UX […]

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