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Understand what creates value to your customers with our advice and expertise. We help companies succeed in the new global landscape by combining foresight, strategic thinking and customer experience

The Nordkapp approach

The key to success in a volatile environment is exploring opportunities, validating those with experiments and empowering your people.

By merging consumer insights, foresight and strategy, we reimagine what’s valuable for your business and turn that vision into action, together with your team.



Discover the future opportunities relevant to your customers

Increase your freedom of choice by exploring where markets and consumers are heading next. Understand and shape the futures you need to prepare for together with us. We are experts in introducing futures thinking and foresight into strategic decision-making and tangible actions.

We can help with:

Consumer insights
Strategic foresight
Market research
Opportunity mapping

Challenges we can solve together

Where is the market heading?
How do future customers behave?
How potential is a new business idea?
How can one prepare for risks and threats?
What are the most important emerging signals?


Nokia 5G

New Normal



Define a concrete plan for transforming opportunities into successful business

We base strategic decisions on customer and market understanding. Our strategic approach combines business thinking, market insight and lean experimentation with strategic direction. Core questions are those of focus and execution: We always maintain end-customer needs, tangible targets and knowledge-based decisions as the focus.

Some things we can help with:

Growth strategies
Market shaping
Product and service strategies
Value Prop creation and validation
Go-to-market strategy

Challenges we can solve together

How does our vision show in our daily actions?
What should be done now to achieve our long-term goals?
How to steer all the people towards common goals?
What are the right goals and metrics for evaluating change?








Create profitable concepts valued by your customers

People, teams and organisations are in constant interaction with each other, machines and the world outside. With our support you can understand what touchpoints are valuable and when. Our vast knowledge of customer experience and service creation enable us to cater to customers with world-class experiences.

Some things we can help with:

Product and service experimentation
Customer experience validation
Customer experience metrics
Service blueprint and customer journeys
Customer-centric brand experience

Challenges we can solve together

How can customer experience be turned into value?
How to build a coherent ecosystem with key touchpoints?
What kinds of experiences keep customers engaged?
How could the product cater to our customers’ needs?






Build better service delivery operations

Exploration of growth opportunities should aim for commercialised innovation. We can provide validated understanding of what ideas are worth scaling, how to succeed at the market and how your company should change to meet new circumstances. We look at scaling from multiple perspectives – inside and out – to navigate the roaring winds.

Some things we can help you with:

Capability building
Organisational design
Metrics creation
Design systems

Challenges we can solve together

How can we repeat our successes in new markets?
Are our products, services and systems ready for scaling?
What ways of working should be fostered?
Is there need for new tech or competences?




Why us?

This is how we stand out amid fierce competition:

We are capable of guiding you with high-quality foresight and insight about future customers and markets.

We understand the future of digital, in the Nordic market and globally.

We are technologically 100% independent, focusing on the wide perspective of what really matters.

We are adept at designing and validating value propositions for all types of products and services to make them fit for complex markets.

We have over a decade of experience in turning value propositions into concepts that resonate with people, create new markets and leverage existing ones.

We play well with others — at the heart of our method is collaboration with other people, agencies and organisations.

“This company and its ambitious people have a strong impact on the digital industry and the direction it moves in Finland”

Company of the Year 2020 jury in Grand One Finland