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Year 2018

In 2017, two of the leading Finnish teleoperators (Sonera and Tele Finland) became one seamless Telia. What it meant for us was more than just changing the logo — making the Nordic brand our own, combining the two cultures, best practices, ways of working and of course, redesigning all of our products and services. Before Telia we had more than 14 different apps and digital touchpoints. As a whole they were confusing, overlapping and prone to create mistrust among customers.

We knew what we had to do: simplify — with the help of our customers, the Forwards.

Key results

Together with our customers we created Minun Telia app, which soon it became the heart of their customership. By making every day life easy, personalized and fun, the usage compared to the old Sonera app almost tripled within less than a year. Churn decreased by 85% and the number of call-to-action clicks increased by more than 2000%.

Laying the foundation

CX Vision

As a whole the Minun Telia app project was the first thing that brought our new CX vision to life. The vision was created during the transformation phase and now guides our way towards the new and unknown. It sets its trust on four pillars:

New customership means that anyone can be our customer, with or without subscription or the difficult transition between B2C and B2B needs.

To be where the customers are gives us a clear sense of a unified ecosystem, that builds itself around the customer — whether homebound or abroad, on different devices or with the help of new technologies such as chatbots, artificial intelligence (AI) and service personas.

A new way of using and buying enables us to make life easy for our customers by not restricting, but opening up our whole offering for the customer to choose from, and easily switch services on and off.

To make sure the vision becomes reality, new ways of working are required: freedom to create and learn together – internally and with the customer.

Minun Telia app was launched in March 2017 when Sonera became Telia

The First Step

Laying the foundation for the app to resolve the usual customer needs, is where it all began. From the user being able to check saldo or puk-code for a subscription, updating his or her services and paying bills to getting personalized information about their customership. But that was only the beginning of our journey.

Co-creating and new ways of working

On the search for excitement

Searching for the saldo of your subscription or the puk-code is not necessarily the most engaging feature in an app. We wanted our customers to be inspired and engaged by it weekly or even daily. Getting to know what our customers like and dislike was the first target. In order for that to happen we started having conversations, polls, online surveys and co-creations with our quick-witted customers to understand their needs, interests and inspirations.

Co-creation session in Helsinki

What the Finns think

The co-creation tour was the most memorable step on the journey. Our mission was to step out of Helsinki and meet our customers in person, listen to their thoughts and opinions around Finland in the hope of finding some interesting yet opposing opinions. More than 68,000 invites got the wheels turning: 976 eager applicants, 72 chosen-ones, 3 cities, 10 team members, 6 sessions, 18 votes, 540 pages of ideas and 90 sandwiches consumed.

We talked about the Minun Telia app, customership, content, rewards and feelings. Ideas were flying in teams of four or five participants, where they told stories about their daily routines and interests as well as created new concepts together. The conclusion? We learned they wanted more control, ease, personalization and small gestures of appreciation. “I’m not asking the moon from the sky, but just small delightful moments to share with my family.”

The day went really fast, the people were super, and together I think we created some awesome ideas.
— Participant, Jyväskylä

Finding the diamond in the rough

It was now time to do some hard work. We sketched a lot of mock-ups on how the app could bring ease and engagement. We build journeys around the new ideas, and then returned back to the customers for their feedback.

Rallying the troops once again, we went deeper with one-on-one resonance testing. Our main questions were always: how do you feel about it, how would you use it, and if it was a persona, why would you trust him or her.

The verdict—people loved the feeling of being cared for through recommendations, the ease of controlling their own services and usage, and even how voice control could be a nice touch to the overall experience. Above all, our users felt that they had just seen something that mediated quality and a new way of caring. We got a sense that we were on the right track.

There could’ve easily been more time to spend, I’m sure we would’ve come up with even more comments and ideas.
— Participant, Helsinki

Minun Telia – creating value, delight and sociality

Minun Telia has become the primary interface for our customers, B2B included. It creates easiness, value, delight and sociality. It acts as the heart of customership for all interactions, making purchases, finding support, information and inspiration—always on our customer’s terms. It is the 24/7 hub for things that matter, it encourages an active relationship and enables true omnichannel interactions.

It creates Value by keeping the customer informed about their usage, services and interests. It integrates their day-to-day life, different roles and social circles under one easy to use UI. The app shows what is new, tailors it for the customer, inspires them to be active and encourages to try new services by simply switching them on.

It brings Delight by acting as one of our main channels in rewarding the customer. The app delivers personalized notifications, rewards and benefits based on the usage as well as real life situations, customership and the customer’s interests.

It is Social. The app connects you to their social groups from friends to family, allowing a holistic view on all things in their shared Telia ecosystem. The customer can get inspired by others via recommendations while Minun Telia encourages the customer to share the content and services with others, giving a possibility to earn benefits for being active.

Campaigning works

Christmas campaign 2017

The 2017 Christmas Calendar became one of the most successful concepts that combined all these three elements. For the first time the calendar was built entirely from the app’s point-of-view. One new hatch opened every morning, attracting the customer to return to the app, preferably every day in search of best offers, engaging content or creating a Christmas present list.

Overall results, recapped

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