Nordkapp is an advanced design studio.

Our job is to uncover the optimal futures for our clients, and make them real and actionable by bridging foresight, strategy, products, services and technology.

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What have we been up to lately?

ING Group

ING Group Europe

Since 2016, we’ve collaborated with the leading bank in Benelux countries, ING on various fronts, for example on their trading app ING Beleggen.

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Umbra Finland / USA

Product and service design for Umbra’s augmented reality tools and customer portal.

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Starship Global

Collaboration with a global start up developing a service based on autonomous delivery robots.

Telia Finland

Telia Finland Finland

Service design, product design, transformation partnership since 2015.

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Beddit was a Finland-based health technology startup developing an invisible sleep sensor that tracks your sleep and vitals during while you sleep.

We collaborated on branding, product strategy and design for their product, leading to a successful acquisition by Apple, Inc in 2017.

Health, consumer electronics

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What are we great at?

Our services

Business Direction & Strategy

We help help our clients and partners to find new, healthy business and strategic directions by understanding the global trends and their impact on businesses today and tomorrow. Futures are made, including yours.

We'll answer these questions for you:

What is future of your business, and what is your future business?

What is influencing on your strategic themes?

How to build a vision that aligns the stakeholders with market and changing customers?

Business & Service Design

We help you to leverage more on existing products and services, or to build the next big thing — by co-creating a product and service strategy that matches the vision and is actionable for your product teams.

We'll answer these questions for you:

How could your existing product or service evolve to better fit the customers’ needs?

How to create business value in the future?

How to transform your vision into actual products and services?

Product Design

Even the greatest strategy won’t work without world class design and execution. Our service design teams help you uncover the real needs of your customers and design beautiful products your customers will love.

We'll answer these questions for you:

How can my organisation grow healthy business with great design?

What kind of products and services my customers really want?

How can we systemise our brand and design into something that scales effortlessly?

Capability building

We help you to build up your internal capabilities on innovation and design — by coaching your staff, designing their optimal way of working / employee experience and transforming your organisation to delivering products and services customers love.

We'll answer these questions for you:

How should your organisation evolve to unlock the potential for customer-centric innovation?

How can you build a strategic design capability inside your organisation to continuously deliver  concrete outcomes?

How can we embed new innovation methodologies into our current way of working?

How can we help?

Ari Heinonen

Ari Heinonen VP, Growth and Business Development +358 50 386 6348  

Juhani Haaparanta

Juhani Haaparanta Managing Director +358 50 487 1509  

More proof? You got it.

Ticwatch E

Mobvoi aims to push the boundaries of next generation human-machine interaction with AI technology. Through its creation of critically acclaimed consumer products in wearables, automobile and home product categories, Mobvoi’s rich accumulation of experience in the application of AI has in turn driven continued innovation in its core voice-based technologies.

We developed the product identity, story and industrial design for the Ticwatch E.

DENSO Automotive

DENSO is a leading supplier of advanced automotive technology, systems and components for major automakers, committed to making the world a better place through our world-first products and technologies.

We're building towards a better place to live, empowering individuals or families to move safely, more conveniently, with lower environmental impact.

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Nordkapp Future Labs is where physical and digital prototyping shake hands with agile ways of working. The lab, run by senior designers and engineers, explores and builds new objects, concepts and spaces to learn, and quickly validate concepts with real people in real context.

The labs capabilities can easily be included into any project we are working on, including but not limited to probing new ideas, devices, service models and technologies.

Mika Nenonen

Mika Nenonen Industrial design +358 44 986 89 86  

Ari Heinonen

Ari Heinonen VP, Growth and Business Development +358 50 386 6348  

Who do we work with?

It’s still the same product as before. But such a well executed design around it helps consumers to navigate and buy into the story. This we see very clearly in the sales numbers.
Udo Szabo, VP Product & Marketing, Beddit (Now Apple)
  • Fortum—Service and product design for service ecosystem around solar energy, electric cars, mobility and new energy.

  • Beddit—Product design, strategy and purpose leading up to acquisition by Apple.

    Solving sleep case study

    Apple acquires Beddit

  • Umbra—Product and service design for Umbra’s augmented reality tools and customer portal.

    Umbra Composit case study

  • University of Helsinki—Product design and data visualisation for a service visualising Finnish higher education.


  • Telia—Digital transformation, organisational, product and service design.

    Telia case study

  • ING Group—Product design and strategy around financial services and personal wealth.

    ING Beleggen case study

  • Amer Sports—Product design for Suunto, platform design and assessment for Movesense.

  • Basware—Product design for complex financial software.

  • Nokia—Forward-looking service concepts and prototypes on new technologies.

  • NS International—tailored coaching programmes with deep learning through hands on work.

  • Rightware—Product Design for future automotive concepts and interfaces.

  • Santander Consumer Bank—Design for organisational change through future concept incubation.

  • Veikkaus—Design partnership since 2011 developing a holistic design language system.

    Veikkaus case study

  • YLE—Service design for overarching identity system and organisational change through concept incubation.

  • Undisclosed—Roughly over half of our work is not public. Sorry :(

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What have we won?

Recognition and awards

  • 3 Red Dot 
Communication Design Awards

  • One time Webby Awards Nominee, 2 times Webby Awards Honoree

  • 3 times on IxDA Awards shortlist

  • 1 gold, 4 silver medals in Vuoden Huiput, several shortlist entries

  • 7 Grand One wins, several shortlist entries

  • 3 gold medals


major design awards
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Sami Niemelä Creative Director +358 50 528 9265

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