What would you like to be tomorrow?

Nordkapp is a product design and transformation agency. We help companies to become the next, better versions of themselves by capturing the future into forward looking strategies, products, services and technology.

Our work transforms both the culture and the business of our clients, and unlocks their full potential. We design experiences that make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable, and make
 our partners forward looking leaders instead of followers.

So... what would you like to be tomorrow?


Huge congratulations to our long term partners Beddit for being successfully acquired by Apple. You are the beacon for Finnish consumer products now and in the future.

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We work with ING in Amsterdam to build new financial products and services.

Why we’re different

We are a collective of 25 experienced designers and visionaries who deliver proven results based on your needs, and to every current and future touchpoint of your customers' experience.

Our way of working challenges the conventions and clockspeed of the traditional agency model and reach, and transforms our partners future proof, market shaping versions of themselves.

Selected clients

We build longstanding relationships with our clients, and so far we’ve delivered hundreds of successful projects for clients all around the world. Here are a few of them:

Helsingin yliopisto
Nelonen media
S Group

Beddit is a sleep tracker available in Apple Stores worldwide. We’ve collaborated with
them on their complete offering: product strategy, brand, apps, packaging and the website.

Election Dashboard for Facebook and TV One New Zealand

In 2014, we collaborated with TV One New Zealand and Facebook to build an realtime popularity dashboard for New Zealand General Elections 2014, on Facebook’s Social Graph.

strm.finance for Santander

In 2015, we helped Santander Consumer Bank to accelerate their innovation capabilities: In under six months we delivered them a banking app based on conversational UI, a standalone fingerprint sensor for biometric payments, all on top of a social banking platform. Visit strm.finance →

Pivo for OP

OP, the largest bank in Finland, collaborated with us to launch Mobile Wallet Pivo. The app was an instant success, and later a spearhead for a larger digital transformation. The app was awarded Red Dot for it’s interaction design, along with several national awards in Vuoden Huiput and Grand One.

Rightware and Kanzi Alliance

Nordkapp designs the future of automotive industry as a Kanzi Alliance founding member.

Digital brand for Veikkaus

Nordkapp has been the design partner of Veikkaus, the Finnish national lottery since 2012. The website Veikkaus.fi is the largest e-commerce site in Finland, and brings over a billion euros in revenue with 500 000 weekly customers.

The problem we've solved

How could we design better car UIs?

Publicity for our work
The problem we've solved

How could we crowdsource wifi in developing countries?

The problem we've solved

How could we make finance more human?

Publicity for our work
"I'm on record as saying that "Urbanflow Helsinki" is one of the finest works of speculative design that I've ever seen."
Bruce Sterling Science fiction author WIRED blogger Core77 Design Awards jury captain

Our services

There are three things
we do really well:


We help our clients discover, understand and seize the business opportunities internet and emerging technologies present.


We help out clients turn the strategic insights into services that fulfill the business needs and that people love to use.


Execute and deliver elegant products, services and interfaces.

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